• Take the Labor Out of Labor Day

    wasara elegant disposable tableware

    Question: What would most people rather do?

    • Spend the last hurrah of the summer season at picnics, barbecues, three-day beach weekends or in a hammock drinking a cold one before skulking back to work, school – or both?
    • Waste the last moments of the season doing dishes?

    We hope the obvious answer is ‘1’. If it is, reinforcements need to be invested in to support those final, al fresco social needs. Enter our Wasara line of eco-friendly, sturdy, disposable plates, bowls and cups. Sold in a variety of sizes, shapes and quantities, it’s the solution to elegant entertaining from the largest party to the most intimate suaré.
    After all, why worry about getting stuff done when there’s so much fun stuff to get done other than the dishes …

  • Bulk Bamboo Plates Back In Stock


    Just in time for autumn entertaining and fall weddings! Round and square, all of our Eco Friendly Bamboo Plates by Bambu are back in stock! Enjoy!

  • Tis the season to take on less



    Presents, decorations, celebrations OH MY!

    The holiday season can quickly become overwhelming and stressful, but this holiday season challenge yourself to celebrate in a new way.

    Instead of taking on more and more, decide to take on less. Prioritize. Focus on the important stuff and let go of the rest. Easier said than done.

    Small efforts can go a long way in helping yourself enjoy your holiday season as opposed to creating agita, inducing stress and producing anxiety. Look at all the activities you do in any given holiday season. Then decide which ones actually help meet holiday goals and which ones take away from them. For example, if every year you cook a huge holiday meal yet find yourself spending more time in the kitchen than enjoying time with your loved ones, maybe it's time for that tradition to go.

    If you do decide to host a large meal, use disposable plates, utensils and glasses to shorten cleanup and free up time to spend with the family.

    Plan ahead. Have a few bottles of wine and spiced nuts on hand for any holiday entertaining, but also be sure to have a few generic gifts on hand for hostesses, Secret Santas, the kids teachers you forgot about so they don’t wreak havoc on your holiday zen.

    How much time, energy and frustration are spent annually on wrapping gifts … another big holiday chore. Find alternatives. Why not make the container part of the gift or purchase items that are already in its own gift-wrap?

    When all else fails, at least it ends by January 3rd.

  • New Disposable Wooden Utensil Tubes

    Disposable Wooden Utensils

    disposable wooden utensilsNew product! Inexpensive disposable wooden utensils in extremely handy reusable tubes. Serve and store your disposable cutlery in the same tube.

    Green is not just a color. It's a way of life. It's a movement to make our home a better place. It's a promise for a better tomorrow through thoughtfulness today. JoJoGreens brings the stylish, simplest and the best in environmentally friendly disposable products directly to you.

    We're excited about the JoJoGreens disposable wood fork, spoon and knife tubes. We hope you love them as much as we do!

  • Vine: Adjustable Cork Bowls

    Adjust A Bowl Soft Cork Bowl Medium

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