• Simple is Best

    In addition to our devotion toward all things stunning in life regarding design and entertaining, we have an equal penchant for delicious, seasonal cuisine.

    Much like the happiness the simplicity of clean lines and the effortless beauty that stark minimalism can conjure, so can the scent of a sweet and juicy heirloom tomato in the peak of summer or a gigantic, organic squash plucked straight from the earth.

    vicki veggies

    On a recent field trip to Vicki's, an over the top charming and quaint farm in Prince Edward County Canada, we had the opportunity to bring our youngest intern with us to sample seasonal produce at its best and appreciate the treasures uncomplicated simplicity can bring.

    vicki veggies

    As an added stroke of luck, they were having an heirloom tomato tasting and for a few dollars donation, guests were invited to sample more than 320 varieties of tomato. It was a beautiful way to pass along the time on a beautiful day. Needless to say, we certainly did ENJOY.

    vicki veggies

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