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  • Emma Bridgewater. Put some Holly Jolly in your Holiday.

    Emma Bridgewater Pottery Christmas Patterns

    Brand new Emma Bridgewater Pottery - hot off the production lines from England and into the hands of you or your loved one’s just in time for the gift giving season. Of course, with free shipping!

    What’s New with Emma Bridgewater Pottery?

    The ‘Joy Robins’ Emma Bridgewater pottery line which already boasts a cake plate and a boxed set of ½ pint mugs, has been extended to include 8.5 and 10.5 inch plates. A hand painted pair of red-breasted robins, symbolic of joy and hope, nuzzle up to each other on a holly branch (a treasured winter decoration) against hues of maroon and hunter green.

    The quest of the magi depicts a group of three weary biblical wise men that traveled far to bestow gifts to the newly born baby Jesus. A beautiful story paying homage to a beautiful holiday, the Kings of the Orient are hand painted and depicted on a gift-boxed set of 1/2 pint mugs as well as a gift boxed set of 8.5-inch plates. More utilitarian than gold, frankincense and myrrh, these mugs and plated are sure to delight whoever is lucky enough to receive them.

    What’s Else Is New In Additional Emma Bridgewater Products?

    Elevate holiday cookie swaps; elegantly showcase coffee or tea products and ‘present’ homemade presents from the kitchen tot hose you love in style with Emma Bridgewater tin sets. Attractively priced as they are attractive, they come in sets of three squares in the polka dot patters, rounds in the hen and toast pattern or tin caddies in polka folk or toast and marmalade. Uses for these lovelies, are well, ‘tin’finite.

    Swanky blanket for beach, picnic or even as a tree skirt. With an oilcloth backing to prevent soggy bottoms, this enormous bright and cheery Emma Bridgewater polka dot rug provides a welcome resting spot under a tree or in front of an ocean. However, it can also be used as a really cute tree skirt too! Trust us, it will be the most often-used item in the house.

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