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  • La Cornue French Ranges

    La Cornue French Ranges

    "Gastronomic" is an adjective that means "of or relating to food and cookery." The word is usually used to describe culinary perfection. A commitment to gastronomic perfection has always been the cornerstone of La Cornue French ranges. Even today, La Cornue represents the ultimate in luxury cooking.

    The La Cornue Legacy

    La Cornue is a French oven and kitchen range manufacturer. Gastronome Albert Dupuy started the company in 1908. A Parisian herbalist with a passion for technology, Dupuy used the distribution of natural gas to his advantage when he created the La Cornue Gas and Pastry Cook. The illuminating gas range combined the natural circulation of hot air with an underground vaulted oven.

    In 1948, during the "golden age of domestic arts," Andre Dupuy succeeded his father to continue the La Cornue tradition. An innovative designer and skilled gourmet, he led the company in the creation of new 5-star Chateau kitchen ranges. They remain the jewels in the La Cornue crown.

    Xavier Dupuy, Albert's grandson, broke new ground in 1985 when he modernized the La Cornue French ranges. The small Parisian business rose to the challenges of new technology to arrive on the international scene. By the start of the twenty-first century, La Cornue was illuminating gastronomy across the globe.

    The La Cornue Ranges

    La Cornue kitchen ranges are extraordinary cooking tools. Gourmets everywhere use these stoves to prepare everything from family meals to elaborate feasts. La Cornue French ranges transform an ordinary cooking experience into the world’s finest luxury cooking.

    La Cornue manufactures three series of ranges: Chateau, CornuFé and Rotisserie. Grand Palis, the company’s signature oven, is the one that started it all. Its vaulted shape and side chambers create a natural flow of air. In effect, it is the world’s first convection oven. The stove is equipped with professional burners and heavy, cast iron grates. The cooktop is stainless steel, and the range is available in sixteen porcelain enamel colors.

    The company introduced CornuFé in the 1960s. It features two convection ovens along with additional cooking modes for traditional baking, browning and broiling. The cooktop features five gas burners in solid brass with cast iron grates, and the range is available in several different colors and finishes.

    The Rotisserie is an indoor spit rotisserie oven that is perfect for roasting meats and fish. A burner at the unit’s base generates heat that travels up through the cast iron plate. The wicks never require cleaning. The La Cornue rotisserie oven has three racks, and a fish basket is available as an accessory.

    Joanne Hudson Basics

    La Cornue French ranges are available in the United States with no sales tax when purchased at Joanne Hudson Basics is an online store that serves as an extension of Joanne Hudson Associates (JHA), a thriving interior design business based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The online store features the elegant La Cornue designs.

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