Disposable Plate Sample Packs Have Arrived

eco disposable plate sample pack

Ever go online shopping and feel utterly overwhelmed because all you needed was disposable plates and were bombarded with a gazillion choices?

We understand it’s hard to shop online. After all, when was the last time you were able to feel textures or sturdiness through a monitor; or how many times did you get something shipped that was larger, smaller, whiter (when it looked like cream) or tighter (le sigh) than intended?

So many of our customers love the variety of the enviro-friendly disposable products we offer, but get confused at what to order. After all, we have a dizzying array of different sizes, shapes, colors, durability, and materials.

Up until now, it has been extremely challenging for us to develop a solution in a simple sample pack. However, after an enormous amount of ingenuity and a little elbow work, we are happy to launch our sample pack to assist Basics patrons with the task of choosing which product(s) will work best for their needs.

So go ahead – order a sample pack. Test the disposable product waters without breaking the bank and freely shop online once again without the fear!