Emma Bridgewater Harry and Meghan Mugs

emma bridgewater harry meghan mugs

Sought-After Collectibles: Harry and Meghan Mugs

Art. Stamps. Dolls. Postcards. Tea Towels. Mugs. Anything depicting descendants of Queen Elizabeth II - no matter who (especially Fergie and Andrew and Diana and Charles) - marking a special event is widely popular and sells before stores can barely stock it.

Why? Well, for one over the course of time, they can become an extremely valuable item in one's investment portfolio in terms of wealth management. However, more often than not, it is the non-monetary value these precious items create for owners. Seen as a symbolizing way to express loyalty or giving a sense of pride of rare finds, there can be an almost obsessive frenzy surrounding anything royal family.

Harry and Meghan are the newest members to the club and Britain is in full force spending its days and nights slapping the modern monarchs' faces on anything and everything they can. However, even in the collectibles world there is a huge sliding scale of quality ranging from poorly made t-shirts from a street vendor to exact replicas of her diamond ring from the highest of echelon jewelers.

British pottery company has always been synonymous with the word keepsake and they have just unveiled their newest in the royal line from Emma Bridgewater Pottery and we have them at Joanne Hudson Basics ready for pre-order. They are in very limited quantity and will never be produced again. Once they sell out they sell out never to be available again, so fanciers of all things royal made by a British company synonymous with the word quality best be quick to make and take note.