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Are you paying too much for shipping?

If you are buying your Emma Bridgewater Pottery or glassware directly from the UK, you might be paying too much for shipping. While Emma Bridgewater shipping from the UK has a flat shipping rate of 25 Pounds, when translated into American dollars, the cost is actually more than $38 (convert Pounds to U.S. Dollars here). That's a lot for shipping, especially if you are only buying one or two small items. Average shipping costs for JoanneHudson.com are much lower. We offer every shipping option from inexpensive United States Postal Service up to Next Day Air.

Your items will arrive faster when ordering from JoanneHudson.com

Because you are order ships from within the United States instead of the UK, your items will arrive much faster than ordering direct from Great Britain. All our pottery is delivered direct from our Philadelphia warehouse to ensure quick delivery to your home. In no time at all, you will be enjoying your new wares.

Less chance of breakage

When delicate items are shipped overseas or across long distances, there is often breakage during the shipping process. Don't take the chance that your coveted pottery or glassware will arrive chipped, broken, or damaged beyond repair. Your items will be packed with care and shipped quickly from Joanne Hudson to ensure that they arrive safely and undamaged.

Reasons to purchase Emma Bridgewater Pottery or glassware from JoanneHudson.com instead of directly from Great Britain:

  • Quicker Shipping
  • Less Chance of Breakage
  • Lower Shipping Costs

Joanne Hudson has been importing Emma Bridgewater Pottery for more than 25 years and is acknowledged as the U.S. expert in the brand. Trust us to get you the pattern you need and get it right to your door in a very short time. No more waiting anxiously for that package to arrive; your pottery or glassware will show up in perfect condition, and shipping will even cost you less money. How can you go wrong with that? Order from Joanne Hudson today and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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    I bought mugs once directly from england. one arrived chipped and a month later I was completely shocked at the total cost on my credit card when everything was converted into dollars.