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  • Take the Labor Out of Labor Day

    wasara elegant disposable tableware

    Question: What would most people rather do?

    • Spend the last hurrah of the summer season at picnics, barbecues, three-day beach weekends or in a hammock drinking a cold one before skulking back to work, school – or both?
    • Waste the last moments of the season doing dishes?

    We hope the obvious answer is ‘1’. If it is, reinforcements need to be invested in to support those final, al fresco social needs. Enter our Wasara line of eco-friendly, sturdy, disposable plates, bowls and cups. Sold in a variety of sizes, shapes and quantities, it’s the solution to elegant entertaining from the largest party to the most intimate suaré.
    After all, why worry about getting stuff done when there’s so much fun stuff to get done other than the dishes …

  • Bulk Bamboo Plates Back In Stock


    Just in time for autumn entertaining and fall weddings! Round and square, all of our Eco Friendly Bamboo Plates by Bambu are back in stock! Enjoy!

  • New Disposable Wooden Utensil Tubes

    Disposable Wooden Utensils

    disposable wooden utensilsNew product! Inexpensive disposable wooden utensils in extremely handy reusable tubes. Serve and store your disposable cutlery in the same tube.

    Green is not just a color. It's a way of life. It's a movement to make our home a better place. It's a promise for a better tomorrow through thoughtfulness today. JoJoGreens brings the stylish, simplest and the best in environmentally friendly disposable products directly to you.

    We're excited about the JoJoGreens disposable wood fork, spoon and knife tubes. We hope you love them as much as we do!

  • Disposable Plate Sample Packs Have Arrived

    eco disposable plate sample pack

    Ever go online shopping and feel utterly overwhelmed because all you needed was disposable plates and were bombarded with a gazillion choices?

    We understand it’s hard to shop online. After all, when was the last time you were able to feel textures or sturdiness through a monitor; or how many times did you get something shipped that was larger, smaller, whiter (when it looked like cream) or tighter (le sigh) than intended?

    So many of our customers love the variety of the enviro-friendly disposable products we offer, but get confused at what to order. After all, we have a dizzying array of different sizes, shapes, colors, durability, and materials.

    Up until now, it has been extremely challenging for us to develop a solution in a simple sample pack. However, after an enormous amount of ingenuity and a little elbow work, we are happy to launch our sample pack to assist Basics patrons with the task of choosing which product(s) will work best for their needs.

    So go ahead – order a sample pack. Test the disposable product waters without breaking the bank and freely shop online once again without the fear!

  • Disposable Bamboo Plates: Better for your family. Better for the planet.

    Bamboo Plates

    Organic and biodegradable, bamboo plates are a wonderful alternative to the more commonly used plastic or paper disposables. The bamboo plates have a pleasant tan color, and they are sturdy enough to hold food. They would go well with a picnic or barbecue as well as an indoor party. Apart from the unique look of the disposable bamboo plates, they are better for you and the environment as they:

    • Do not contain any bleaches or dyes
    • Are entirely made of natural, organically grown bamboo
    • Biodegrade within 4-6 months

    Disposable bamboo plates are better for the environment. Paper plates deplete the Earth's natural resource of trees, and plastic plates can take hundreds of years to biodegrade! Bamboo plates will cause less harm to the environment than other disposable plates.

    Bamboo Plates

    What is bamboo?

    Bamboo is a tall green plant that grows in stalks. It has been popularized by panda bears as it is a big part of their diet. Bamboo is a renewable resource and of all the plants in the world it grows the fastest. Within 24 hours a bamboo plant can grow about 47 inches longer. Compared to trees which can take 50 years to harvest, bamboo can be harvested after 7 years and they do not need to be replanted to regenerate.

    Bamboo is a fabulous choice for building material because it is strong, sturdy and easily grown. Apart from making plates, bamboo can be fashioned into a number of other ecologically friendly and useful items including chopsticks, paper, flooring, baskets, and even umbrellas! Bamboo is a pretty useful plant and resource.

    Bamboo helps the environment just by being there. It consumes nitrogen, and as a result of this, bamboo helps decrease the negative consequences of polluted water that is put into the environment due to livestock farming or sewage treatment. Bamboo helps regulate the atmosphere's oxygen and carbon dioxide balance as it puts out about 30% more oxygen than trees do and takes in two thirds more carbon dioxide than any other plant.

    Bamboo is a beautiful plant that helps both the planet and humans. The disposable bamboo plates are a natural, charming, and healthy option to go for when you are looking for disposable dishware. They will be appreciated by guests and family for their interesting appearance and positive contribution to the environment, as they will not harm the planet like other disposables.

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