Harry & Meghan Litho Limited Edition 1/2 Pint Wedding Mug

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A Contemporary Fairy Tale Rewritten for Modern TimesThis limited production keepsake will sell out soon and will be a high demand collector's item.

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They have been heralded by all the world as modern-day monarch game changers, so it's only fitting Harry and Meghan have their day commemorated with Emma Bridgewater's celebratory souvenir mug. Depicting the descriptors 'Game Changers, Free Spirits and Well Suited' all of which sums up this lovely couple in six short, beautifully painted bold words. Emma Bridgewater, the UK-based pottery firm closely associated with previous Royal keepsakes mark these official mugs with their stamp to showcase its authenticity for generations to come. These mugs are sure to warm the heart as much as their hearts are warmed through finding each other to live their own particular version of happily ever after. Emma Bridgewater Pottery is made in England in the small Victorian English town of Stoke on Trent. Each piece is hand painted, hand finished and unique. All Emma Bridgewater Pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Dishwasher & microwave safe; lower temperature wash and liquid detergent preferred to maintain appearance.

L: 3.25" x W: 4.5" x H: 3.5" - 0.5 Pints

English Earthenware

Handmade in England

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