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Govino Shatterproof Decanter and Wine Glass

Govino Shatterproof Decanter and Wine Glass

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The unbreakable Govino 28 oz decante

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Reusable, Recyclable, shatterproof and distinctive, our Govino decanter is where wine marries design. Paired with a Govino shatterproof wine glass, it makes the perfect bedside water vessel.Perfect for any parties or events where proper stemware isn't accessible, our Govino wine glasses literally embrace the go anywhere wine glass philosophy. Made from a BPA-free odorless polymer which reflects a wine's color and projects its aromatics just as fine crystal would, our Govino wine glasses feature an ergonomic thumb notch on the side giving the user a secure and comfortable grip for swirling and drinking. Unbreakable, reusable and 100% recyclable.

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One Shatterproof 28 oz Wine Decanter.

One Govino 16 oz Wine Glass

Handwash only

Decanter: 9in height - 28 oz / Wine Glass: 16 oz

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