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Studio Neat Ice Kit - Single Mold

Studio Neat Ice Kit - Single Mold

Accessory of the day: Ice Kits for those with a 'Basic Instinct' to make a killer cocktail

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An Old-Fashioned, Mint Julep, White Russian, Tom Collins or anything served neat all have one basic thing, yet difficult to make perfect, item in common. Ice. Much like clothes make the man, ice makes the drink. For a flawless "on the rocks" tipple, a mere refrigerator ice machine that can't perfectly crush, shave, carve and create the impurity-free end result just won't make the cut. However, this product helps with that aforementioned cut. Create unparalleled shaped ice with the Single Neat Ice Kit from Studio Neat. The distinctive, insulated mold forms a larger than large piece of clear, pure, pristine top ice ice baby. This cube is more than ready to be chipped into unique cubes with the included ice chisel or crushed to fine smithereens with the durable old fashioned canvas Lewis bag and wooden mallet. Truly impressive, this promises to channel everyone's inner professional bartender and confirms that a simple, classic and even mundane ingredient such as frozen water can be elevated to timeless consequence. Oh, the mallet and chisel can also be used as weapons too.

Insulation and silicone mold. Single Kit contains one mold, Double Kit has two. Creates a clear top ice and frosted bottom ice.

Splits & carves the ice (doubles as bottle opener).

Durable canvas bag for making crushed ice.

Standard muddler that doubles as a mallet for use with the chisel & Lewis bag.

Additional Information

Additional Information

Manufacturer Studio Neat
Additional Info Single mold, ice chisel, Lewis bag and muddler.