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Black Toast Small Glass Tumbler

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Water, Water Everywhere

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A smaller version of the Emma Bridgewater line of heavy glass tumblers, this little beauty handsomely etched with the word ‘water’ in the popular Black Toast pattern, makes a great addition to the mealtime table. Emma Bridgewater Glass carries the evocative power of Toast and Marmalade, and Matthew Rice's elegant calligraphy in a clean, new medium. The range of shapes is designed and selected by Emma, and pieces are hand spun and mouth blown using traditional methods, unchanged in hundreds of years. Be sure to also check out Bridgewater Pottery's Toast & Marmalade range of tableware.

Ice Water

Dishwasher safe; lower temperature wash and liquid detergent preferred to maintain appearance. Microwave use not recommended.

7.6 Fl oz. / 3.9in Tall

Hand Spun Glass

Made in Poland