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Govino Stemless Shatterproof Cocktail / Bulk Pack of 72

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8 ounces. Cocktail, meet your new best friend. Introducing Govino, the world's only beautiful and functional recyclable stemless cocktail glass.

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Govino cocktail glasses feature a flavor-enhancing shape to feature the bead of sparkling wine and assist in the preservation of carbonation. The easy to handle and beautiful pieces are crafted in unbreakable, lightweight, recyclable plastic as a convenient, safer alternative to glass. The shatterproof, reusable, and 100% recyclable flutes are made from the same food grade BPA-free polymer as Govino’s famous wine glass making them the only product of its kind.Use these semi-disposable stemless cocktail glasses anywhere without the worry of breakage -- at home, while camping, for picnics or parties, special events or just relaxing poolside.

Additional Info
Bulk pack of 72 Shatterproof Govino Cocktail Glass

8 ounces

Reuse it, abuse it, but eventually recycle it!

The govino wine glass is meant to be replaced after an extended period of use. Please inspect your govino wine glass before each use. Your wine deserves it!.

Hand wash only! Govino was designed for commercial use and can withstand most industrial glass sanitation systems (1-2 minutes at 160°F).

8 oz