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Coravin Argon Wine Saving Capsules

Coravin Argon Wine Saving Capsules

2, 6 or 24 sets

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Coravin Pure capsules power all Coravin wine preservation systems, by pressurizing an unopened bottle of wine With Argon gas to pour a sip, a glass, or more. But not all argon gas is born equal. Only Coravin pure capsules utilize our proprietary four point purity process. From sourcing, to manufacturing to packaging and quality testing, only Coravin makes sure that the Argon that is in contact with your wine is the very purest on earth. Only Coravin pure capsules are designed to work with our Coravin wine preservation systems. The patented cap fits seamlessly with the safety mechanisms inside all Coravin systems to ensure flawless interaction between the system and the capsule for a perfect seal, Maximum performance, and ultimate safety.


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