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Leafware Sterling Disposable Knives 100/PK

Leafware Sterling Disposable Knives 100/PK

Good for the planet. Great at cutting meat.

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It’s extremely rare to find a functioning disposable knife. All too often, they are about as useful as a tall glass of icy lemonade in a snowstorm. Made from all natural birch, the Leafware Sterling Collection 100-pack knives not only work, but are stunningly sleek as well and consider to boot by and reducing the impact day-to-day consumerism makes on the air, water and soil around us. How many disposable knives can make claim to something as noble as that?

Additional Info
Pack of 100 Knives
Heat tolerant above 200 degrees fahrenheit

NO glues, glazes or dyes

FDA approved for food contact

Single Use Only

7.5 inches

100% natural & sustainable birch wood

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