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Emma Bridgewater Pottery

Polka Dot Set of 4 Placemats

Polka Dot Set of 4 Placemats

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This Polka Dot Set of four placemats is the gold standard in tableware and décor - immeasurably resistant to wear and tear with its cork backing, it measures 29 x 22 cm and can be conveniently cleansed with a damp cloth. Despite its impressive heat resistance up to 90 degrees, we recommend against placing freshly-baked oven dishes or using it as a cutting board and submerging it in water.


Wipe clean with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly, heat resistant to 90 degrees C / 194 degrees F. DO NOT - Use with hot dishes straight from the oven, immerse in water or use as a chopping board.

11.5in x 8.5in

Cork-backed, Melamine & Bamboo Mix coated MDF

Made in China

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