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La Cornue

La Cornue Flamberge Rotisserie

La Cornue Flamberge Rotisserie

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From the festive summer to the hearty winters, our La Cornue’s Flamberge is the perfect partner to help make your gourmet evenings a culinary success. Never before has a roasting spit been so consistent and well controlled while cooking items to succulently basted perfection, thanks to the versatility and inventiveness of our La Cornue Rottisserie.

Spectacular and affordable, it’s a traditional upright roasting spit equipped with the latest technical features guaranteed to make installation and use as simple as possible.

Complete with a fully automatic ignition, the easily adjustable nature of the appliance makes it simple to both separate and space out the spits evenly during cooking. The protective and removable grills guarantee efficiency; safety and protection by creating a risk-free spit slipping from its retainer slot.

Additionally, the strategically placed burners make it possible to significantly improve energy consumption, and installation is simple thanks to enhanced insulation at the back of the stove.

Additional Info
Gas : 9 kW, natural, propane or butane (to be specified)

Voltage : 230 V singlephase for gas cooktop with manual ignition.

Shipping times and cost may vary depending on available stock and delivery location.

Ships directly from France, please anticipate 12-14 weeks delivery for standard colors and trim combinations.

Accessories : 1 porcelain sauce tray, 2 flat rods, 1 English-style rod.

Flamberge Installation & Operation Manual (1 MB)

Made in France

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