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Leaf And Fiber

Leaf & Fiber Large Disposable Platter 10/PK

Leaf & Fiber Large Disposable Platter 10/PK

Leaf & Fiber Large Platters are eco-friendly disposable leaf trays made from fallen Areca palm leaves.

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Areca leaf plates by Leaf & Fiber are manufactured from the fallen leaves of the Areca Palm tree. The tree is endowed with huge leaves and fronds, which shed and fall to the ground every few weeks.These leaves are turned into disposable plates, bowls and platters as an alternative to plastic, styrofoam and paper plates.The material does not react with food and will not add any additional taste or chemicals to it. All manner of wet foods can be served without the plate or bowl becoming soggy and losing its integrity. Areca leaf plates are nature's own solution to the harmful results of using paper and plastic disposables.The fallen fronds of the Areca Leaves are collected, pressure cleaned and sun dried. Then, they are heat pressed to produce the appropriate plate and bowl shapes. That's it. No chemicals are used during the entire manufacturing process. Each plate is handmade with care.

Additional Info
Set of 10 platters/trays (platters only, utensils, plates and bowls not included)

Made from fallen palm leaves

100% Natural


Bio degradable




Visually stunning, beautiful texture and varied designs.
Please note: As a natural product, each plate/bowl is unique and will vary in color, texture and markings. Color variations, texture variations and natural spotting is expected and does not constitute a flaw and is not eligible for return or exchange.

Refrigerator safe

Safe to use for reheat in the microwave on High, for up to 2 minutes

Single use only

10.25" x 12.5"

Fallen Areca Palm Leaf

Made in India

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