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Scandinavia Disposable Round Wooden Plate 8in 10/PK

Scandinavia Disposable Round Wooden Plate 8in 10/PK

Sturdy, sophisticated and green, The Scandanavia 8 in round wooden plate is fitting for any occasion or event.

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A leading manufacturer of innovative food service products for over 35 years, PacknWood works with leading designers to create fashionable, functional and environmentally sustainable tableware. All of the tabletop products embrace 'ecolomique', a blend of the French words for ecology and economy the company coined in 1990. The idea is simple: use natural, organic and recyclable materials resulting in smooth and elegant finished products which, in turn, make the food you serve more enticing, all while preserving the environment. 100% natural and biodegradable, the Scandinavia line of tableware is microwavable and grease resistant.

Additional Info
Pack of 10 single use disposable plates

100% natural and biodegradable


Grease resistant



Single Use

8in diamter

Made from Wood

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