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World Centric

World Centric 20 oz Clear Cold Cup 50/PK

World Centric 20 oz Clear Cold Cup 50/PK

50 Pack of eco-friendly clear cups

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These compostable cups will biodegrade within 180 days in a commercial composting facility, but can take up to a year or more to biodegrade in a home composting system. Biodegradable Cups for drinks below 110F Please store below 110F away from heat, hot surfaces and direct sunlight. These biodegradable cups have a "Bicompostable logo" and "This cup is made from corn and is 100-percent compostable" printed on them in green color on one side of the cup. We do this to distinguish them from regular plastic cups and as well as to facilitate sorting them in municipal recycling/composting facilities for composting.

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Pack of 50 clear cups

For drinks below 110 Fahrenheit


Corn Starch

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