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World Centric

World Centric Corn Starch Spoon 50/PK

World Centric Corn Starch Spoon 50/PK

50 Pack of eco-friendly corn starch spoons

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Our new utensils are made from TPLA 70% non-GMO PLA and 30% talc. They are also heat resistant up to 200 degrees F, and are certified under ASTM-6400 standards and now have BPI Certification.

Additional Info
Pack of 50 spoons

Single use only.
100% biodegradable
100% compostable.
These utensils will take 120+ days to compost in a commercial composting facility. Home composting is not recommended and it may take 1-2 yrs to compost in a home composting system.


70% non-GMO corn starch and 30% talc

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